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During the busy times it is easy to sit back and become complacent thinking that the industry will always keep this pace, but as we are all aware, what comes up always comes down, as such is the construction climate in Saskatchewan.  Don't get me wrong, there are still a lot of construction opportunities out there but they have become harder to find and even harder to secure.  That is why in the past economic boom that was so welcomely embraced, we chose to reinvest in ourselves rather than reap the short term benefits of the boom.  We expanded our operations to become more efficient so that we can maintain a competitive edge in a slower market place without compromising the quality of the goods and services we provide.  We realize that it is this quality and our reputation that has allowed us to grow and this is something we will never comprimise whether we are in an ecomomic boom or in a turn down cycle.  We are happy to say it is still business as usual at Clearlite Glass and we hope to see this turn down in the economy be short lived so as not to impact our industry and our industry partners too dramatically.  Saskatchewan and especially the construction industry in Saskatchewan have always been a resilient bunch and I am sure we will find ourselves stronger on the other side.  

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